Monday, July 20, 2009

More on the Star Party Videos

I've gotten some great response so far in both the comments on my
original post and in email.

Since I'm here in the doctor's office with no one to talk to but my
iPhone, I thought I would clarfiy some questions.

Format: I'm good with any common format. Basically if it'll work on
YouTube it'll work for me. However, I can't be sure we'll have net
access, so it can't exist solely on YouTube. I need source files.

Web cams: if you have a better option than a web cam, by all means
feel free to send something with higher production values. I just
mentioned web cams because they seem to be everywhere these days, and
this can be something that doesn't take a lot of work to do. It's the
enthusiasm I'm after, not the high-def THX theater experience :)

If you have an idea, jump right in! If you want to bounce some off me,
email me at Christian [at]

Thanks all. This is going to be great.

(edited to add link to previous post)


BurntSynapse said...

The previous post is at:

The Man Version said...

Thanks, BurntSynapse - should have thought to do that myself.

steveisgood said...

Super, thanks man (version)