Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rebecca and Sid get Married!

I know by now many of you have seen this video. Hell, many of you were there in person. But my video here offers something that other "high-quality" or "professional" or "watchable" videos do not: I am sitting slightly to the right.

(Edit: I see that the video is too wide for the text column. I don't care. I'm totally rad like that. You got a problem with my skinny column? HUH?)

As you can see, the autofocus was not my friend, but things eventually got under control. And I could NOT find Rebecca's family when they were coming up. Not until they showed up on stage

Also, notice how George Hrab just sort of materializes on stage? That's not because I'm pointing the camera the other way when he walks out. He really did just appear. George is that cool.

Thanks to the limitations of YouTube, the video cuts out before the cake, before the dancing, and before the Skepchicks all switch dresses. It's just as well, because my lens fogged up anyway -- it was an amazing cake.

(Rebecca, I'll get the full version to you later.)

Congrats again on the wedding, guys! I was honored to be a part of it, even if my task was just "drive and don't drop wreck the damn cake."

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