Friday, August 7, 2009

Star Party Org Stuff

To My Astronomer Volunteers:

If you're planning on submitting a video for the Star Party, please let me know. A couple of you have contacted me, and a few more have hinted at it. Who knew astronomers were such teases? (Wait... I guess we all did. Or at least we hoped.)

Anyhow, you don't have to have the completed videos ready, although the clock is tickin'. We're just trying to get the agenda for the night ironed out.

So far we have the food and mingling, then the talk with Phil and Pamela, assuming we can extract Pamela from Rio. Then the gazing, then the Running of the Biologists*. Place your bets early!

(* The name is sort of an anachronism. We don't actually make any biologists run. It's just a catch-all name for the traditional sacrifice of a life sciences or social sciences student.)

Anyway -- please let me know if you're doing one so we have an idea of how long it'll take.


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