Thursday, April 23, 2009

Radiationizing, Day One

The dogs are gone, Maria's having a big party somewhere, and the toilet is wrapped in tin foil!


Artful Dodger said...

Although it appears that you have trouble talking (reduced saliva production?) I really appreciate your visual description of treatment. I have had other surgeries and know that recovery for each type is unique to the procedure and to the individual.

Thank you for sharing. Hang in there.

The Man Version said...

One of the symptoms for hypothyroidism is a sort of slurring of speech, and I had actually noticed that in myself the last couple of days. It's the only symptom I've noticed, really. Interesting that it's showing to someone else. Or maybe I always talk like I have a speech impediment :)


The Grimalkin said...

Why don't you have tin foil on your head? I thought that was part of the process.

Brother Richard said...

Oh, so the feeling I get when I touch wood, is called static electricity?

Be strong my brother!

Scott Little said...

That's one sexy wonder you get that electric feeling when you touch wood.