Monday, May 11, 2009

All over but the being healthy

Got my scan results back! WOO HOO! SUCK IT, CANCER!

Okay, more details.

The whole point of the low iodine diet was to make any leftover thyroid cells extra hungry for iodine. Thyroid glands absorb iodine, doncha know. Then, right when the remaining treacherous bastard cancer-prone thyroid fragments are craving iodine like Oprah craves gullible sycophants...


I give it iodine, but with a radiation chaser. Sucked it right up. Shame that radiation is lethal to those poor little evil bastard cells. Wait, did I say "shame?" I meant "hilarious." Of all the laughs available, last laughs are my favorite.

So my scan results are, according to my endo, "exactly what we expected." Since he isn't an irretrievable pessimist, that's what I wanted to hear. (Man, how horrible would it be to have a pessimist as a doctor? "Yeah, it's normally treatable, so you'll likely be fine until you die of something else, probably before you pay my bill.")

Where does that leave me? As cancer-free as I can expect to be at this point. In six months, I'll get another scan and hope we have a lot fewer thyroid cells. Six months later, another scan, and we shouldn't find any cells at all.

In the meantime, I'll be getting my levels right for my synthetic hormone pills. For those of you keeping score, I've been at 75 micrograms for a week. Just got upped to 1.5 pills, which I guess means 112.5 micrograms. We'll see what kind of party that gives us. I expect my ultimate level to be between 175 and 200.

Where does that leave you? With a lot less cancer news to listen to, but a lot more of me being peppy:

Gotta figure out what to blog about now. Maybe I'll get called for jury duty again?


B. Thompson said...

Congrats on kicking cancer's cowardly ass. Perhaps now you can write about what it's like being a champion skydiver?

(You will, of course, have to become a champion skydiver first.)

Marsi said...

Haha that you mention jury duty again. I was thinking about that experience just TODAY! That is the reason I logged onto this blog to check on my fellow juror! Glad you are kicking cancer's butt!

Artful Dodger said...

Since you are partially-bionic, I think we should be able to vote each month for a task that you must perform and then blog about. I nominate yodeling on the courthouse steps as Task No. 1.

The Man Version said...

Wait. When did I become bionic? I'm not saying I'd turn down a chance to be bionic, of course. But I'm going to at least need a "hanananananana" soundtrack before I yodel in public.

The Man Version said...

Hi Marsi! My new job takes me right past Sommy's on my way home every day. It's a little surreal :)

Hope you're doing well!