Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm not made of pee

Special treat! A medical issue unrelated to cancer!

I have time to write this because I am not at my new job at AT&T. The reason I am not at AT&T is because they require a drug test, and I have spent the last two weeks on a diet of marijuana and Quaaludes dissolved in rubbing alcohol.

No, actually, the problem is when I went in to one of these lab-tests-in-a-strip-mall places, they managed to lose my sample, and didn't confess to it until Friday afternoon. It was probably radioactive anyway.

There was a place nearby open on Saturday, so I managed to gear myself up for another contribution, and the results aren't back yet. Maybe tomorrow.

But somewhere, someone has a little bottle of urine that has no immediate plans. They are going to regret using those small Sunny D bottles.

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Artful Dodger said...

Soon, you will get the response I got at the Urologist's office this week: "Why, you have lovely urine!"