Thursday, May 28, 2009

Priest Marriage will ruin celibacy for everyone

So is a priest switching from Catholics to Episcopalians to be with his girlfriend the sectarian version of a gay man going to Hawaii to legally marry his boyfriend?

I love this story. Partly because it features a man named Cutie (but pronounced koo-tee-AY instead of KEW-tee), but also because the Episcopal Church was spun out of the Catholic Church in part to give Henry VIII a divorce. It amuses me that almost 500 years later, someone else is bailing from the Catholics because he wants to be with his gal. I hope Mrs. Cutie has a better end than the second Mrs. VIII did (Anne Boleyn). Or at least less behead-y.

In 2003, a man named Gene Robinson was selected as the first openly gay bishop of the Episcopal Church. Then in 2007, the church successfully connected with its younger members with a controversial outreach program called "Pay Your Tizzle Fo Shizzle" -- a hip, modern take on the importance of tithing (available as a video podcast only on Zune and HD-DVD). Those Anglicans are taking pride in this Island of Misfit Toys thing.

Good luck, Cutie!


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